Valentin Lachand Ph.D student in computer science



The increased availability devices (computers, tablets, interactive tables, ...) in classrooms leads to new forms of interaction in education. Moreover, learners are increasingly involved in collaborative learning situations, at school, in libraries, at home, in museums, etc. I study models and develop tools mixing Activity Based Computing and Orchestration/Scripting in order to manage distributed learning situations.


Regulatory mechanisms are important when pursuing collaborative activities. Digital devices can lead to a better regulation, for example by providing individual or collective feedback about current collaboration. One way to use this feedback is looking at visual indicators about activity. We propose to study the impact of different visualizations of indicators and use of multiple devices on the control process of collaborative activities.


Conference Articles


  • Lachand, V., Serna, A., Tabard, A., and Marty, J. C. (2016-10-25). De l’efficacité de visualisations indicielles ou symboliques pour la régulation d’activités collaboratives in Actes de la 28ième conférence francophone sur l’Interaction Homme-Machine (pp. 144-154)[pdf]